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Meet Librarian, Information Science and Technology Teacher, Susan Hefley

Posted by Ryan O'Rourke on Mar 25, 2014 11:35:00 AM

How I Work
This is the fourth in an ongoing series of posts inspired by How I Work, a series on one of our favorite sites, Lifehacker. As educators, we like to know how other educators work, how they live, and how they play, so every week we’ll be featuring a new interview with a new teacher.

susan hefleyThis week, we’ll be hearing from Susan Hefley!

Location: Rural area north of Pittsburgh, PA (Butler, PA).

Desired location: Somewhere warmer and closer to family (Florida and Texas look really good after the winter of 2014 J).  I also really want a position in either Utopia or Disney. 

Current work title (administrator/teacher/school technologist, etc.) Also, what grade do you teach?: I am the Librarian/Information Science and Technology Teacher for grades K-6.

What I teach:  Library and Information Science are my greatest strengths followed by computer science and just technology in general.

What I have an interest in:  Technology, apps and gadgets, history, all things French and making learning fun, reading.

Do you have a specific long-term career goal?: I want to BE a life-long learner and encourage as many other people as possible to be life-long learners. This is often through my work as a teacher, a volunteer and with professionals through various professional organizations and social networks.

Languages you have studied or currently speak: I studied French and later became a foreign exchange student in France in high school. I minored in French in college and studied for a summer semester in Quebec. However, after not USING the language at all for ten years I have lost most of my proficiency and would love an excuse to brush up and go back.

The project you’re most proud of: This is a hard one. I am proud of all of the hard work that I help my students to accomplish, and their learning. I am proud of my own education and professional accomplishments and contributions. I am also proud of all the little things like catching “my” own little ones reading. I am proud of my volunteer work including my current project to raise an assistance dog. However, if I could only pick one it would be that one that no one knows about: the books I write.

Favorite time of the day: 7 a.m.

Favorite technology gadget for the classroom: It changes all the time! Right now I love the AURASMA app, but that is not a gadget per say. I love Class DoJo.  I love Google Docs.  I love Edmodo.  If I had to pick one gadget right now it would be a Smart Board and iPad combo. 

Next conference/professional-development event you’re planning to give or attend: I just attended and learned so much from the PETE&C conference! It was great! I am looking forward to PSLA in May. I have a WPSLA workshop in a few weeks and my own school is planning a “Tech Academy” where I will be a presenter in May. 

The librarian in me also loves a good Book Festival, my own book fair starts next week but Johnstown PA has a children’s book festival in April that I want to try to get to.

How many hours per day do you usually work?: Technology is a blessing and a curse. Now my work follows me home. I reply to parent emails on my phone, I talk with the PTO over Facebook. I post things on snow days to a community group on Facebook. I work after school at home on lesson plans and other work. Then I come in early the next day. I know I need to cut back, but on AVERAGE I probably work about a 9-11 hour day.  Some days a LOT more, some days only 8 hours. ALWAYS at least 8 or 9.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?: INTROVERT!

Are you an early-riser or a night-owl?: Early Riser.

Do you have any pets or kids (names and ages)?: I babysit/nanny on the side and have been with the same families for years!  “I” have 3 boys who are now 13, 11, and 2 and a little girl who will be 6.

The ones that actually live with me are four legged. I have one 10-year-old dog named Lia and a new foster puppy named Biscuit. Biscuit will grow up to be an assistance dog and will only stay with me for about 18-20 months.

Next city/country you want to visit:  FRANCE!

Favorite vacation place: Where ever my family is, but I like to champion places to visit and learn over the lazy beach vacations.

Favorite book: You can’t ask a librarian this. I can give you a favorite for every genre, every grade and interest level; then every month it changes!  I have so many favorites but luckily I have a wonderful library where I can put them on the shelves and share them!

Favorite song: “For Good” (from Wicked)

Where we can find your website/blog/classroom blog:

My library website is:

My personal site is:

You can find links to MOST of my other sites here:

Do you have a Twitter account we can follow you on?: I have never gotten into Twitter.  “My” community and the ones that I want to follow, share and communicate with are on other social networks……except for my little brother and local news. They tweet and I read it with my account. So I have one…..I just never use it.

If you want to connect with me, try LinkedIn, Facebook, Edmodo or traditional email.




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