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How to Make Math Literacy Number One in Your Classroom.

Posted by Colleen Cadieux on Feb 18, 2012 5:35:00 AM

Marygrove MAT offers K-6 a new, free math literacy guide!New Guide! --Today's teachers face challenges and obstacles that they must strive to overcome. Teachers are dealing with budget shortfalls, lack of resources, larger classes, and mandated curriculum with scripted lessons. In spite of these challenges, it is our job to find ways to reach our students by making smart, purposeful decisions in our lesson design.  

Math literacy, also known as numeracy, is becoming as important to students as language literacy. Teachers must be sure that students develop the ability to use numbers to help solve real-world problems, along with building a critical understanding of the language and terminology of mathematics. At a base level, students are not considered math literate until they know the fundamentals of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

As teachers, we are all too aware that math proficiency is important for graduating students in order to ensure their success in our increasingly technological workplace. But finding time to nurture math concepts beyond the typical lesson is difficult for many teachers. With a little creativity and thoughtful planning, we can help students develop greater math literacy in many ways. However, developing a fundamental, positive attitude toward mathematics in the classroom is a great start to fostering a student’s overall love for math.

Our free guide offers proven strategies that will engage your students while meeting your state and district curriculum standards. The use of math work stations, math focus walls, geocaching, math literature, hands-on manipulatives, and math games are ideal ways to keep your students motivated and interested in mathematics. Many of these tips provide great opportunities for soliciting the aid of parent-volunteers in your classroom. These are also excellent strategies to demonstrate during an observation by your administration.  

Integrating these teacher-tested ideas into your classroom will surely boost your students' math literacy skills— and help your students reach and exceed their grade level content expectations— all while keeping your students excited and engaged in their learning.

If you have a technique or tip that you found helpful in your classroom, let us know and we’ll add it to the guide. Simply add a brief description of it in the comments section below, and our editor will contact you!

Download your FREE copy of the new Marygrove Master in the Art of Teaching Math Literacy Guide for K-6 teachers; we’re certain you’ll find a tip or two that will strengthen math literacy in your classroom, today!

Download Our FREE Math Literacy Guide

-Kathleen Ader earned a BS from Eastern Michigan University, an MAT from Marygrove College and an MS from Walden University and has taught mathematics and science for 11 years.  She is also a National Board Certified Teacher in Adolescence/Young Adulthood Science.  Kathleen has been a Marygrove Master in the Art of Teaching Mentor Advisor since 2008. Her professional interests include the International Baccalaureate Programme and the Network of Michigan Educators. 





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