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Happy Birthday to Mrs. Bainbridge. Our Own Master Teacher's Blog Turns One Today!

Posted by Colleen Cadieux on Jun 20, 2012 3:13:00 PM

Christina Bainbridge Marygrove MAT '09 is the featured master teacher for the MAT program.Maybe it was her take on bucket-filling. And the Daily Five & CAFE. Perhaps her webinar on goal setting is what did it. Or could it be that we are so proud of our Marygrove Master in the Art of Teaching alumna Christina Bainbridge, MAT '09 for personifying everything our program is about: empowering teachers and the continued pursuit of excellence in the craft? Well, Mrs. Bainbridge, you captured our hearts for all of the above. Happy Birthday to your one-year-old blog for teachers!

We discovered her blog last year right around this time, just as we were starting our own.

Her obvious fondness for her work is admirable. We respect her willingness to share all of the best practices she uses in her own classroom with her loyal following of ethereal colleagues. We applaud her honesty in telling K-12 teachers what works and what really doesn't. But most of all, we celebrate the fact that by helping teachers, she is ultimately helping students. Thank you, Christina!

We can't tell you how many times she has helped us out in a pinch. Or how many times she has sparked ideas for our own blog. Her math focus wall inspired a series of blogs on elementary math, including a linky party (you must attend these!) and a resulting teacher-suggested guide on math literacy.

Her tips for effective morning meetings opened our eyes to how much teachers crave easy classroom management ideas. What's more, her online store full of interesting resources is reason enough to check in with her often. There’s always something you can use.

How she finds time to manage a split class and maintain a successful blog and website is truly beyond us. We know how much work it entails! But again, she is doing it for the love of teaching. So on behalf of the educational blogosphere, in honor of students everywhere, and in praise of this noble art; Mrs. Bainbridge, your humble alma mater salutes you!

If you want to know what's current and need a few refreshing pointers every now and then, add Mrs. Bainbridge's blog to your list of favorites.

Mrs. Bainbridge's Class

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