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Top 10 Things Teachers Should Know for the First Day of School.

Posted by Colleen Cadieux on Jul 28, 2012 5:44:00 PM

Marygrove MAT helps teachers prepare for back-to-school jitters!It’s almost back-to-school time; the first day of school will be upon us whether we’re ready or not. Back-to-school jitters are normal for new and veteran teachers alike. But if you are just starting out in the profession, or are assigned to a new building, there are several things you should know before the bell rings. Sometimes even the most obvious information can be overlooked. Being prepared will help you start out the year on a confident note. It’s just good classroom management.

Before you report to class, you should know:

1.Your school hours, bell times, and when you are expected to report to work.

2. Your classroom and curriculum duties and responsibilities.

3. Any additional duties/responsibilities assigned to you such as bus, hall and lunch duties.

4. The district's and/or school's policies on:
                           Dispensing medication
                           Referrals to special programs
                           E-mail and Internet usage
                           Fire drills and lockdowns
                           Field trips

5. How to handle a sick day, personal leave day or an emergency for you.

6. Who to contact in case of a classroom or school emergency.

7. When faculty, team or other regular meetings are held.

8. Where and how to get classroom supplies.

9. How to best communicate with parents, telephone, e-mail etc.

10. What day Open House is scheduled for, and what the policy or procedure is for it.

You can probably knock off most of these by perusing your district’s website. Set aside a few minutes each day to make some phone calls or send some e-mails to make sure you have all of the answers you need.

While you’re floating on your raft in the pool, you might want to collect your thoughts about your overall classroom management style this year. Mrs. Feinman from Houston has some excellent classroom management ideas that she implements right off the bat, on the first day of school.

A big part of classroom management is establishing an attractive, organized classroom. Could your decorations use a makeover? When it comes to classroom decoration, we found two teachers who really hit it out of the park. First grade teacher Mrs. Tabb displays her ideas in her blog, How I Decorated my Classroom for Under 25 bucks! Her beautiful ideas will inspire you.

And as always, we can’t help but brag about our own master teacher, Christina Bainbridge who has been busy this summer preparing for her new classroom in a new school. It’s hard to believe that she could top last year’s classroom, but she did it.

It is so important to create an engaging and colorful learning environment for students of all ages. It is definitely worth the time you put in. So don’t wait until September!

Need some more classroom management ideas to chew on while you’re basking in the summer sun? Download our free guide to get you thinking creatively about how to make the most of your class time to reach every single student, every single day!

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