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5 Classroom Management Apps Every Teacher Needs to Know About

Posted by Marygrove MAT on Jan 15, 2013 9:19:00 AM

classroom management appsThe more students there are in a classroom, the more time teachers are going to spend on classroom management. So it makes sense that teachers need to have as many classroom management tips - and tricks - at their disposal as possible in order to get the focus away from problem students and back to the lesson at hand. Thankfully, increased numbers of students in the classroom can be tempered with increased classroom technology; classroom management apps provide a way for teachers to work on keeping their students engaged and their classrooms under control.

5 Classroom Management Apps Every Teacher Needs to Know About

  1. It's Too Noisy in here. Sometimes, the collective classroom volume rises so incrementally that you don't even realize it until you're screaming to be heard. If your active listening strategies don’t work out, give Too Noisy a shot. This app pairs a colorful and fun graphic with a digital noise meter to let teachers - and students - know when the noise level has exceeded acceptable levels. Teachers set the "appropriate" noise level and then the Too Noisy graphics will provide a reading which will ring out when your students are in the red zone. Consider varying levels for Reading Time versus Collaborative Learning Time. Students will enjoy helping you determine which levels are too loud.

  2. Is it Class DoJo Time? When things get crazy, set students up against one another in Karate matches. Just kidding. Class DoJo is actually a student behavior tracking app which allows you to instantly track good and bad behavior and store the data. You create an icon for each student and then tap on the icon to note what is going on. You can send alerts directly to the student, "Thanks for not talking during presentations" + 2 points. The analytics can be sent directly to administrators and/or parents with one click.

  3. Keep your Teacher Kit at the ready. If you want a classroom management app which takes it one step further, you might prefer Teacher Kit. This is a great app for secondary teachers because it allows you to organize multiple classrooms and students. Teacher Kit offers multiple features such as seating charts, attendance records, behavior tracking, a gradebook, and more. You can hold your Teacher Kit in the palm of your hand as you walk around the class (one of the best classroom management tricks) and import the data to your classroom computer to sync with your school system when convenient.

  4.  Are you a Class Behavior Pro? When you use Teacher’s Class BEHAVIOR PRO, you can organize your students by individual classes and you can create categories for recurring behaviors, e.g. talking, tardy, physical disruptions, bullying, passing notes, etc. This makes it super simple to tap on a student and attach the behavior in just a second or two. You can also track positive behavior which keeps your behavior incentives/consequences fair and balanced.

  5. What about those Random Students? This is a fun app to use and your students will think so too. Once you input the student names in each class, you can do typical things, like track behavior, but you can also track things like the number of correct/incorrect answers a student gives when called upon. You can use the Random Student feature and have the app speak the students' names so that it's truly random. It can also assign random groups from 2-6 students to take the load off you!

These five Classroom Management Apps have just made your world a whole lot easier. Try to use them all and see which works best for you. Your students will enjoy your technologically hip take on classroom control and you will enjoy a computer taking care of it for you.

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