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Spark It: A free reading assessment tool for parents and teachers

Posted by Marygrove MAT on Apr 9, 2013 9:16:00 AM

reading assessmentIt’s unfortunate, but every year we encounter struggling readers who have been lost in the shuffle or flown under the “reading radar” for years. So you can imagine how pleased we were to come across Spark it, a free reading assessment tool that not only evaluates readers’ skill level, but also offers recommendations for improvement and activities to develop their skills.

What impressed us about Spark It was its “user-friendliness.” As parents facilitate the four parts of the assessment, they’re guided by pop-up icons that tell them exactly what to do, when to do it and what they should say. Should parents experience any issues during the assessment, they can refer to the “tips” icon.

SparkIt assesses students’ proficiency in four areas:

  • Vocabulary (Picture Identification): Looking at pictures of objects and correctly naming the objects
  • Fluency (Rapid Naming): Quickly naming a string of familiar items—a series of numbers, letters or colors
  • Phonemic Awareness: Understanding how individual letter sounds combine to make a word and saying them
  • Letter and Word Calling: Pronouncing letters and words correctly, either by sight (just knowing it) or by sounding them out

 reading assessment2

Once the reading assessment is finished, you’ll receive instant results (see above picture) along with a personalized plan to help the reader improve his or her skills.


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