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4 More Effective Classroom Management Apps for Teachers

Posted by Marygrove MAT on Aug 31, 2013 6:00:00 AM

A new school year calls for a new set of effective classroom management apps. While it’s hard to compete with favorites like Class Dojo and Too Noisy, we liked these four effective classroom management apps enough to share them with you.

effective classroom management appsStop Go (free)
If you need to time classroom activities or want to let students know that you’re ready to move on to the next order of business, Stop Go may be the app to help you do it. Stop Go is basically a digital traffic light you can set to a timer. Each light can be set for as little as 5 seconds and as long as 99 minutes and 55 seconds.

effective classroom management apps 2Traffic Light (free)
If you’re picky about your traffic lights and need more variety than Stop Go offers, look no more. In addition to the standard red-amber-green light, you also get:
- Red/amber/green/blue lights
- Crossing lights
- Bicycle crossing lights
- DON'T WALK, WALK lights
- Racing start lights
- Drag racing lights
- Sirens (blue, red, green, orange)
- Police sirens (blue/red, blue, red, green, orange)

effective classroom management apps 3Instant Classroom (free)
“But you always call on me!” or “I had my hand up the whole time!” Does this sound familiar? If so, you may need Instant Classroom. This app will not only randomly select students’ names, it will also create classroom and small-group seating charts.


effective classroom management apps 4Seating Chart ($4.99)
In addition to creating a snazzy looking seating chart, this app also allows you to view, export, and print a spreadsheet of class attendance records for a range of dates that you select (up to one year).

Here are some more specifics:

  • Load student names via email attachment, by typing them in, or by copying and pasting
  • Drag and drop students to change seating arrangements
  • Choose how you want your seating chart to look: show student nicknames, full names, or photos plus nickname
  • Export and print PDF seating charts
  • Record attendance by simply tapping on the student to mark Absent, Tardy, or Excused.
  • Use the "flashcard" feature to quickly learn your students’ names
  • Tap on a student to access attendance history, notes, and to load a photo using your mobile device's photo album or camera
  • Use the classroom layout screen to change the number of rows and columns by panning up/down and left/right
If you’re looking for more classroom management apps, check out two of our recent blogs, 5 Classroom Management Apps Every Teacher Needs to Know About and 5 More Indispensable Classroom Management Apps.

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