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Citelighter : a cure for the common research paper?

Posted by Marygrove MAT on Oct 4, 2013 4:43:00 PM

research paperWhen our students are faced with research projects, finding information is rarely an issue. It’s the overabundance of information—some good, some not—that often overwhelms them. And once they find reliable online sources, what do they do with them? How do they organize information without spending a fortune on printing ink and paper? Citelighter is a new online platform that may offer your students a remedy.

After students download the Citelighter browser extension, they can create a project and conduct Internet searches that target specific keywords. Once they find useful information, they simply highlight, press capture and the information, along with the source’s bibliographic information, will relocate to their project box. Students can visit their project at any time during their web browsing, add comments and rearrange their research simply by dragging and dropping.

If you are concerned about the quality of research your students are finding, rest easy. Citelighter’s partnership with newspapers, magazines and scholarly journals gives your students access to thousands of credible, peer-reviewed sources.

Another noteworthy feature is Citelighter’s resource directory where students will find videos and tutorials from research experts. What tops it all off is the fact that teachers can access student accounts to gain insight into how they are researching.

To learn more about Citelighter, check out the video below.


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