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Reading Interest-A-Lyzer: A Useful Resource For Reading Teachers

Posted by Marygrove MAT on Jan 9, 2014 9:31:00 AM

Why aren’t our students reading? According to a 2008 publication by Scholastic, the key reason kids say they do not read more frequently is because they have trouble finding books they like.

This sounds fishy, especially when you consider that book and product recommendations are a built-in feature on Not only that, there are even book recommendation websites that allow users to customize their book search based on mood, taste, genre and a myriad of other options!

Sure, students have all the tools to find good books at their fingertips, but the fact of the matter is that they continue—and will continue—to look to us for reading recommendations.

reading teachersIn order for us to make personal reading recommendations, though, we need to learn about our students’ past reading experiences and their interests both in school and outside of it.

We’ve found that an easy way to collect this information is by using the Reading Interest-A-Lyzer created by Joseph S. Renzulli.

The Interest-A-Lyzer is an 18-question survey that asks students to check boxes (or fill in the blank) to complete sentences like:

  • When I read for pleasure, I pick the following
  • If I were in charge of my reading/language arts class, I would have my students do 10 of the following activities
  • I am most likely to read a book for pleasure that
  • Three favorite books that I would take on a month-long trip are

To download a PDF version of the Reading Interest-A-Lyzer, click on the image to the right!


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