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Marygrove College, an educational institution located in Detroit, has been a leader in teacher education since 1905. In the past decade, more teachers have earned their Master in the Art in Teaching (MAT) degree from us than from any other college or university. Marygrove was one of the first colleges to offer the convenience and flexibility of a graduate courses for teachers online. With more than 28,000 graduates from the online MAT program since 1990, Marygrove has a history of serving K-12 teachers by providing online programs that are relevant to today’s working educator.

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Choose the specialization that's right for you.

  • Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment, K-12
  • Elementary Reading & Literacy, K-6
  • Elementary Mathematics, K-5
  • Middle Level Mathematics, 6-8
  • Effective Teaching for the 21st Century

Marygrove’s online teaching degree programs provide teachers with the opportunity to link the latest developments in educational research to their own teaching practice. Our program is designed to empower teachers by focusing on the knowledge and skills required to deliver effective instruction to diverse learners from preschool through high school, including those with special needs.

The structure of our programs allow working professionals to obtain their Master’s degree in less than two years.

Why teachers choose Marygrove for their MAT

  • 90% of our graduates recommend the program to other teachers.*
  • 88% of our students graduate in less than two years.*
  • Flexibility - Work at your own pace without needing to be online at specific times.
  • Relevance – Our students learn modern teaching skills they can use in their classrooms immediately.
  • You do not need to take the GRE or GMAT to apply.

* Results from End of Course and End of Program Student Evaluations as of June 2010.


The Marygrove College Master in the Art of Teaching online degree program with specialization in K-12 Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment, K-6 Elementary Reading & Literacy, K-5 Elementary Mathematics, and 6-8 Middle Level Mathematics is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and a member of the Higher Learning Commission (HLC-NCA) and is approved by the Michigan State Department of Education.
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