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5 Great Reasons to Earn Your Master of Arts in Teaching Degree

Posted by Marygrove MAT on Apr 11, 2016 3:54:24 PM


Our Master of Arts in Teaching Program Allows You to Specialize

As an undergraduate, you were given the tools to build a strong pedagogical foundation—but chances are that you weren’t given the opportunity to truly hone in on a specific area of study and specialize. This is one reason Marygrove students continue to choose our Master of Arts in Teaching program. Each of the MAT degrees at Marygrove College consists of 10 courses. Six core courses focus on content that all teachers need to know regardless of grade level and/or subject area and five specialty courses focus on the content specific to each program. If you’re interested in technology, you can take courses that focus on it. The same goes with curriculum, instruction, assessment, not to mention reading, literacy, and mathematics!

An Online Masters of Arts in Teaching Program Gives You a Competitive Edge
While there are many ways that you can distinguish yourself from other applicants, adding an MAT degree to your CV is certainly one of the most effective. As a teacher with a Master of Arts in Teaching degree, you have proof that you have initiative, that you have immersed yourself in your field of study, that you are committed to your profession, and that you have the tools—and the degree—to prove it!

A Master of Arts in Teaching Online Degree Often Leads to a “Pay Bump”
There are a few states—Florida, Indiana, and Louisiana to name a few—that have dispensed with the automatic “pay bump” for teachers who have earned their MAT degree. That’s true. However, most states still value advanced degrees and reward teachers for earning them.

Take the state of Michigan, for example. According to a 2013 study by the National Center for Education Statistics, Michigan teachers with five or less years of teaching experience who have earned an online Masters of Arts in Teaching degree earn $16,000 a year more than teachers who only have a bachelor’s degree.

Earning an Online Master of Arts in Teaching Degree is Personally Rewarding
While an advanced degree certainly has a professional and monetary payoff, we find it hard to put a price tag on the rewards of being a graduate student.

As a graduate student, you will engage with experts in your field; you will have the opportunity to learn from your peers—that is, other teachers who know what it’s like to be “in the trenches” every day; you will also be exposed to current research, teaching practices and methodologies that you can use in your own classroom right away. If that isn’t valuable…if that’s not something to be satisfied with, we don’t know what is.

You Already Need to Take Continuing Education Courses; Why Not Simply Earn Your MAT Degree?
No matter where you teach, one thing is certain: You will have to take continuing education courses to maintain your education. Sure, you can fulfill your state’s requirement by taking a couple of courses—but instead of doing things piecemeal, why not make a long-term financial and professional investment by earning your MAT Degree? It’s easy at Marygrove – and much more affordable!

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