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Goodbye Summer Slide: 5 Summer Activities for Students

Posted by Marygrove MAT on May 22, 2014 11:47:34 AM

summer_slide-6As anti-boredom fighters and educational advocates, we’d like to offer 5 summer activities for students. Not only will they keep students entertained, they’ll also keep them from taking a ride down the summer slide.

Bookhooks provides students with a forum to craft both editorial (review) and generative (story, poem, drawing, photograph) responses to books they read at home or in school. Once they publish their review, students are able to email them to their friends, family and teacher.

If Bookhooks doesn’t do it for you, Goodreads is another site where students can create their own accounts, build a digital bookshelf, interact with likeminded readers, and review books.

Actual Size Books is one of our favorite book recommendations.summer slide
Inside, students will find complete, detailed, and accurate blueprints to create massive sidewalk drawings with chalk. Using these blueprints, students will be able to create full-scale drawings of anything from the Santa Maria’s deck and a prairie schooner to a Tyrannosaurus Rex or the Statue of Liberty’s Torch.

Each lesson includes a complete lesson plan, vocabulary, and a detailed blueprint.

Wreck This Journal is one of our all-time favorite books. White it is technically a journal, it’s definitely unlike any journal you’ve encountered.  In essence, it’s an illustrated book that features a subversive collection of prompts, asking readers to muster up their best mistake and mess-making abilities and to fill the pages of the book (or destroy them). Students, especially reluctant writers, will love this book!

Take Virtual Field Trips
If your students aren’t planning on doing any traveling this summer, AirPano will allow them to travel all over the world without ever leaving their homes. This site provides users with high-resolution, spherical panoramas shot from a bird’s eye view. In addition to the 200 panoramas, you’ll also find 360 degree videos, a photo gallery and news stories.

So that they can document their travel experiences, you might show students how to create their own travel journals. You’ll find a detailed tutorial for this project here.  

Adopt a soldier
This is a great way for students to not only practice their writing skills, but make a difference in the lives of those who serve and protect.  Both Adopt a US Soldier and Soldier’s Angels are sites where you can adopt a soldier.  Just remember that when you sign up, you’re making a commitment to regularly send cards and care packages. If you’re unsure what you should say, check out these sample letters for ideas. Keep in mind that packages don’t have to be expensive.

Photo credit: B.K. Dewey / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC 2.0)

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