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Why Teachers Choose Marygrove’s Master of Arts in Teaching Online Program

Posted by Marygrove MAT on Dec 11, 2014 3:10:00 PM

online_masters_in_mathematics_education_onlineThere is no shortage of Master of Arts in Teaching Online Programs. So why do students continue to choose Marygrove College? What distinguishes our program from the others? And why have over 28,000 students graduated from our Master in the Art of Teaching degree program since 1990?

Our classes are taught by teaching faculty, not graduate students or teaching assistants
There are a couple things we’d like to point out about our professors: First, our classes are taught by teaching faculty, not teaching assistants or graduate students. Second, our Masters of Art in Teaching Online instructors choose to teach at our college not so they can publish, lecture, or research (although many do), but because they are passionate about teaching.

While many of our instructors are researchers and published scholars who are dedicated to advancing their field of study, their priority, first and foremost, will always be you.

Our program is designed around you
Our instructors understand the demands that are placed on teachers and working adults just like you. They understand the challenges students face while trying to balance relationships, parenthood, a career, and their Master of Arts in Teaching Online Program at the same time.

That’s why our program is entirely online. Unlike many “online” graduate programs, ours does not require face-to-face meetings or on-campus conferences. As a result, you can live in any time zone, in any part of the country or world, and still complete your master’s degree. 

We allow students to learn at their own pace
At Marygrove, we believe that every student is unique. Some students prefer to move through our program quickly and complete their course of study in less than two years. Others need more time or require breaks in study. At Marygrove, you have up to six years to complete the program.

Marygrove’s Master of Arts in Teaching Online Program is affordable
We pride ourselves on being completely transparent about the cost of our program. You can expect to pay roughly $13,200 in tuition for our 30-credit program. That’s $440 per credit hour, which, by comparison is very reasonable for an advanced degree. We also have convenient payment plan options and offer a five percent group discount for applying with at least four other students!

We do not require students to submit letters of recommendation
Most graduate programs require applicants to submit several letters of recommendation along with their application. This can be challenging for applicants who haven’t seen former undergraduate professors in years, maybe even decades!

We don’t like to place unnecessary obstacles in front of those who apply to our online masters in mathematics education program. That’s why we do not require applicants to submit letters of recommendation as long as they have an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher.

To learn more about our Master in the Art of Teaching Program, click here.

Watch our video, Marygrove Helps Teachers Change Lives, to see the impact that earning an MAT degree has had on the lives and careers of other teachers.

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