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The Best of the Week: Volume 15

Posted by Marygrove MAT on Sep 12, 2014 1:47:44 PM


There’s never enough time to blog and reblog all of the interesting resources we find during the week, so we decided to start a Best of the Week List where we share all of the education-related blogs, articles, apps and resources we come across every week.

Reading and Language Arts

Super Corny Thesaurus Joke
My Storybook (nice app to help students create digital stories)

History and Social Studies
10 Reasons Why Russians Don’t Smile Much
Ferguson: The Do’s and Don’ts of Teaching It
José vs Joe: Who Gets A Job? (A must-see YouTube video)
100 Years of Unrest (interactive map that shows the history of protests, uprisings, rebellions and revolts)

Photogrammar (awesome collection of historical photos)
Fasten Seat Belts (a light-hearted guide to help you avoid misunderstandings when traveling)
Overlap Maps (a nice country-comparison tool)

Random Reads / Random Apps for Educators

The National Honesty Index
Teacher Asks Students To Split Into 2 Groups To Simulate Ideal Class Size (hilarious, but completely true article from The Onion)
Dipsticks: Efficient Ways to Check for Understanding
Heganoo (an app to help you create your own interactive maps)
Foldify (an app that allows you to draw, create, print and fold beautiful 3D figures)

A Visualization of an Asteroid's Path of Orbit Which Nearly Collided with the Earth and Moon in 2003
Outer Space (The footage from this video was captured by NASA's Cassini and Voyager missions)
Low-Tech Magazine: Doubts on Progress and Technology
World’s Oldest Light Bulb Still Works
The 20 Best Science Fiction Books of the Decade
50 Best Science Sites for the Average Joe
This Impressive Tower Creates Water from the Air
The Kid Should See This (cool videos for curious students)
18 GIFs That Prove Science Is The Coolest Subject Ever

 The Essentials: A No-Nonsense Guide to Back to School Night

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