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The Best of the Week: Volume 16

Posted by Marygrove MAT on Sep 19, 2014 9:58:00 AM


There’s never enough time to blog and reblog all of the interesting resources we find during the week, so we decided to start a Best of the Week List where we share all of the education-related blogs, articles, apps and resources we come across every week.

Reading and Language Arts
10 Questions Students Should Never Ask Their English Teacher
21 Charts to Help You Teach Close Reading
The New Teachers' Aides: Superman and Iron Man
(interesting article from The Atlantic on comic books in the classroom)
Dream Reader (free online English reading practice for students)
If Edgar Allan Poe Were a Teacher (hilarious article from Buzzfeed)

History and Social Studies
Mr. Betts Class (a comedic and informative YouTube channel that covers all-things social studies)
What Does Scottish Independence Mean? (video)
The Difference Between the United Kingdom, Great Britain, and England Explained (video)
Schiphol Destination Unknown (interactive geography game that uses Instagram)

Random Reads / Random Apps
Arts Integration: Resource Roundup (nice collection of arts integration resources from Edutopia)
Power My Learning (thousands of FREE games, videos, and interactives in all major K-12 subjects and aligned to the Common Core)
How to Make the Most of Your 10 Minutes with Teacher
Free Photo Site, Pixabay, Makes It Easier to Find Quality Public Domain Images
One Teacher’s Sixth Sense: I See Dead Dogs (hilarious article by one of my favorite bloggers)
22 Ways Teachers and Students Aren’t That Different After All
93 Real-Life Thoughts I Had During Back-to-School Night
Rethinking a Fall Classic: The Parent-Teacher Conference
Q&A: Dana Goldstein, Author, The Teacher Wars
“A” is for Apps: Teachers Share Top Digital Tolls of the Trade

NRICH (free math resources for students and teachers from University of Cambridge)
Save the Apples (math game to help students practice addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication)

The Essentials: A No-Nonsense Guide to Back to School Night

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