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The Best of the Week: Volume 9

Posted by Marygrove MAT on May 30, 2014 5:00:00 AM

The_Best_of_the_WeekThere’s never enough time to blog and reblog all of the interesting resources we find during the week, so we decided to start a Best of the Week List where we share all of the education-related blogs, articles, apps and resources we come across every week.

Classroom Management/ Student Engagement
20 Brain Break Clips: Movin’ and Groovin’!

Reading and Language Arts
30 Words Most of Us Use Incorrectly
Half-Priced Books(cheap books to build your classroom library)
Best Places to Get Free Books
Write It, Live It: Six Steps to Help Kids Write Their Own Lives
4 Steps to Better Writers
The Universe: Simulating the First 13 Billion Years (video)
8 Wonders of the Solar System (Artist Ron Miller takes us on a journey to eight of the most breathtaking views that await explorers of our solar system)

History and Social Studies
War Animals From Horses to Glowworms: 7 Incredible Facts
The British Soldier Who Killed Nazis with a Sword and a Longbow
Plaster Casts from the 79 A.D. Eruption of Vesuvius
8 Crazy Facts You Won’t Learn in History Class

Random Links and Useful Apps
Developing Grit: An inspirational story about Bruce Lee
Ask Philosophers (you post questions; philosophers answer)
9 'Facts' You Learned In School That Are No Longer True
End-of-year Closure Activities for All Grades
17 Things People Who Love Their Lives Seem To Do Differently
Amazing Fact Generator
Philosophy Posters by Max Temkin
7 Myths About Rigor
5 Reasons I don’t Assign Homework

End of the Year Advice Book  

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