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Capstone Projects reflect the world of the real working teacher.

Posted by Colleen Cadieux on Sep 17, 2011 5:30:00 AM

working teachers who become MAT students write Capstone Projects, not thesis papers. Capstone Projects reflect real world of serious-minded professional teacher.When prospective students are considering what online Master in the Art of Teaching (MAT) program is best for them, they often ask if they will have to write a thesis.

The answer is no, however, as an alternative to a thesis paper, students in the Marygrove MAT program must complete a Capstone Project which documents their professional growth throughout the program. Capstone projects require work on a real-world project with an MAT mentor. The Capstone Project includes entries such as: assignments from the courses; samples of your students' work completed in your classroom; and your own reflection/journal entries. Projects vary from semester to semester, but are oriented to the professional, working teacher. Past projects involved instructional design; others centered around standards or empirical research. The Capstone Project is submitted for review in the final term of the program.

Thesis papers are for the academic-minded, theory based Ph.D. candidate. Capstone projects are for the serious-minded, working professional who is seeking to enhance one’s career and abilities. Just like our program.

Still want to do a thesis?

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