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Zondle: a free and fully customizable educational game

Posted by Marygrove MAT on Sep 17, 2013 10:51:00 AM

educational gameOur students are always eager to try out any new educational game they can get their hands on, but most of these games have a modest shelf life. There’s a reason for this: In most learning games, questions are hardwired into it. You can’t customize the questions or the subject, so basically you’re stuck with a one-trick pony.

We’ve found a solution to this problem called Zondle.  Not only is this application free, it’s fully customizable. Unlike most educational games, Zondle content is separate from games; this means that your questions can be presented through the context of any of the 40 games on the site.

There are a few more perks:

  • No more multiple-choice tests: Zondle uses 15 different types of questions
  • Teachers can monitor their students’ progress through an administrator dashboard
  • Integrate Zondle with your Edmodo groups and gradebooks
  • Students can create their own animations
  • Students can earn digital rewards like Zollars, badges, and leaderboards
  • Zondle’s approach to learning is grounded in education research from the University of Oxford and neuroscience research from the University of Bristol

To learn more about Zondle, check out the video below.



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