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Need help with technology in the classroom? We have apps for that!

Posted by Karen Cameron on May 24, 2013 9:40:00 AM

Whether you’re a veteran teacher or a new teacher, we know you share something in common: you are busy. In addition to this, you can never have too many ideas for increasing student engagement, as well as improving reading and writing skills.

That’s why we are offering our FREE downloadable guide, Surfing for Substance II, a compilation of 50 User-friendly websites and apps for teachers.

You may be a “tech-head” already, but you don’t have to be to make any of these 50 user-friendly websites and apps a part of your everyday life. Our descriptions of each resource are brief and lighthearted—and hopefully, substantive enough to give you a sense for whether or not they will fit your students’ and your needs.

Inside you'll find apps for the following:

-Classroom Management
-Reading and Literacy
-Images and more!

Amaze your class with your technology "know-how" and have fun too!

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Got 10 classroom technology challenges? We’ve got 10 solutions.

Posted by Marygrove MAT on Nov 26, 2012 10:44:00 AM

Richard ByrneYou may be a seasoned veteran, a first-year teacher or somewhere in between. Regardless of where you are at in your pedagogical journey, it’s safe to say that most teachers are facing similar challenges—especially when it comes to classroom technology.

Students love technology—in fact, they demand it—and many teachers and principals are equally as enthusiastic about it.

But how do educators keep up with technology when it changes so rapidly? How and what tools should they use to enhance the classroom? How do they work around Internet filtering or use the Web to enhance their classroom when school administration continues blocking useful websites? Can classroom technology really help educators better communicate and nurture relationships with parents?

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions, we are inviting you to attend Ten Common Technology Challenges, a FREE webinar hosted by Marygrove College’s MAT program on November 27th at 3:30 pm.

Ten Common Challenges will be presented by award-winning teacher and technologist Richard Byrne. We’ve been fans of his resources and blog for quite some time, so we are pleased to finally be working with him.  

In his dynamic presentation, Byrne will share resources and strategies for addressing these common challenges and demonstrate a few classroom technology tools that can quickly and easily be integrated into current instructional practices.

As a secondary educator and Google Certified Teacher, Byrne is a presenter who speaks from an “in the trenches” perspective; he’s someone who truly understands the challenges of teaching in today’s public schools and as his credentials suggest, he has the expertise to offer practical, easily implemented solutions any teacher can use right away.

 Please join us on November 27th at 3:30 pm for our FREE webinar.


ten common technology challenges for teachers



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