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How long, and How much?

Posted by Dreu Adams on Jul 26, 2011 10:48:00 AM

Marygrove MAT education costsTwo little questions that we’ve come to expect when our students are weighing their options for a MAT program.

Each Marygrove MAT program requires five terms, or less than two consecutive years to complete. In fact, 88 percent of our students achieve graduation just under the two-year mark. That’s pretty remarkable. We also require you to complete the program within six years…or within 2,189 days, if that is more motivating to you.

Every course in the program is seven weeks long, with a week break in between. Students will take two courses per semester, completing one course at a time. Our MAT courses are offered in lock-step format, that is, all students are in the same core courses in the same order. Before students begin work on a given course, they must have completed the previous one in the sequence. The lock-step approach fosters greater collegiality and networking with peers, since everyone is on the same page in the process.

What it will cost you.
We believe that the Marygrove MAT program is a smart investment in your career– and your future– which is hard to put a price tag on these days. However, you can expect to pay roughly $12,600 in tuition for our 30-credit program. That’s $420 per credit hour, which, by comparison is very reasonable for an advanced degree. We’ll even give you a five percent group discount for applying with at least four other students!

We also have a Tuition Management Systems plan that makes fitting payments into your budget much easier. Call our help line toll-free at 855-MATMARYGROVE or sign up for the plan at

A student services administrative fee of $90 will be assessed per semester, but it costs you absolutely nothing to fill out an application. Learn more about the three-step application process.

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