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Posted by Dreu Adams on Oct 13, 2011 2:00:00 PM

math literacy link up 250x166Math focus walls, math libraries, and math book read alouds name only a few ways to instill mathematic literacy in your K-5 or Middle Grades 6-8 classroom.

We posted a blog from our Master Teacher Christina Bainbridge this summer on Math Focus Walls, and it generated a lot of interest from teachers like you. Join us today in a Math Literacy Linky Party, and give us your best ideas for creating Math Focus Walls, Math Libraries and other ways you incorporate Mathematics Literacy into your classroom.

Teachers can really use this information, so we will compile all of your answers into a special, free downloadable guide! Now’s your chance to get published on a hot topic for K-12 Teachers! Pass the word to your colleagues.

Let’s link up, collaborate, and share our math classroom strategies and experience with each other!

For the link-up to work properly, you’ll need to ensure the following:

  1. The link you submit needs to link back to your specific post for this link-up, not your general blog URL.
    Please Note: You cannot enter a simple blog address (e.g. The link must contain a path to your specific post on math literacy strategies (e.g.

  2. Link back to this post using a permalink in your post. That’s it!

Once the link-up closes, we’ll combine the collaborative advice into a guide and distribute it to everyone that participated. You will then have a composite of positive current teaching practices that you can use, and share with your colleagues throughout the year!

If you do not have a website and still want to share your ideas, that’s great! Simply offer your idea in the comments section of this blog, and we will include it in the Math Literacy Guide, with proper credit.

The following list suggests some topics to address, however, please feel free to create a post on your blog that focuses on your personal math literacy tool or resource.

  • Mathematics Literacy for K-5
  • Mathematics Literacy for Middle Grades 6-8
  • Math Focus Walls that keep concepts top of mind for students
  • Math Libraries that instill a greater understanding of and love for mathematics
  • Ways to use Math across the content areas
  • Math Book Read Alouds
  • Books that you recommend for math literacy

Our last linky party on Bucket-filler techniques generated several pages of wonderful tips and insights. Let’s see if we can top that! We value your input. Your participation serves as your permission for us to publish your material, and in turn, we will drive users to your website.

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