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Marygrove MAT has renewed my faith in the teaching profession.

Posted by Dreu Adams on Aug 4, 2011 9:48:00 AM

Marygrove College MAT MentorsI tell everyone I can about the excellent Master in the Art of Teaching (MAT) on-line program at Marygrove College. I also consult for the Ohio Board of Regents and thus evaluate other university and college programs and can say I have found none has the quality on-line program I have experienced at Marygrove. I have taught in it for two years, after one year of shadowing several instructors and learning how to mentor. After nearly 40 years of traditional university teaching and administrative experience, I am very impressed with the structure of the courses, the opportunities for very individual professor/student interaction and being able to have the same group of students for three subsequent courses. I was delightfully surprised by how I got to know each student individually and that they felt comfortable keeping in touch– it took away the specter of a cold, impersonal, technological experience.

I cannot say enough about the quality of students this program enrolls. It has renewed my faith in the teaching profession to be involved with such dedicated teachers who manage to maintain quality classrooms and still do quality graduate level study, research, and writing. Two of my students have had their Capstone research papers accepted for publication which will further enhance the reputation of the Marygrove program; further proof of the excellence of the students it attracts and the quality of the coursework.

One of the factors that contributes to the excellence of the program is the cadre of Mentor Advisors led by Dr. Diane Brown. They not only help mentors learn to mentor but are always available as you teach the courses to answer questions and help you solve problems as they arise. I am forever grateful for Dr. Brown and her team for helping us maintain quality in our work and for making us feel part of a faculty group. The willingness of other mentors to share ideas at the summer conferences helped me organize and transition smoothly to my initial on-line teaching experience.

Marygrove has done a superb job of making this program work well and I am honored to be part of it.

Mary Boehnlein, Ph.D.
Mentor, Marygrove College

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