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5 resources to teach students about the Syrian conflict

Posted by Marygrove MAT on Sep 13, 2013 2:41:00 PM

Syrian ConflictWe’ve been hearing a lot about Syria lately, especially in the last few weeks now that there are questions regarding whether or not the United States will step in and take military action. These events can be difficult to sort out, especially for our younger students, so we thought we’d share five resources that will provide them with a general overview of what’s going on. We want to point out that these resources are simply a jumping-off point for your in-class discussions.

The Syrian Conflict in Five Minutes
This five-minute animation explains the origins and ramifications of the Syrian conflict. Does it oversimplify the conflict? Perhaps, but it does serve as a starting point for a deeper exploration of the topic by providing background and context for students who have not been following the conflict closely.

Syria: The Basics
An excellent Prezi video that gives users all the basics on the events that led up to the Syrian conflict.

Syria News Quiz
Once you and your students have discussed the conflict you can take this informative, 12-question quiz.

 9 Questions About Syria You Were too Embarrassed to Ask
Like the video above, this Washington Post article provides a general overview of the conflict. The author is prudent to note that his article is “not an exhaustive or definitive account of that entire story, just some background, written so that anyone can understand it.”

Interactive Map from The Guardian
This clickable map allows users to view conflict areas along with the number of Syrian refugees, refugee areas and refugee camps.


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