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Top Ten Things New Teachers Should Know for the First Day of School.

Posted by Dreu Adams on Aug 11, 2011 6:10:00 AM

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Blog Hopin' is linking up to offer words of wisdom for new teachers this year. Although we hope you find our list helpful, head over to Blog Hopin' for additional insight from teachers accross the nation.

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First-day jitters are normal for new and veteran teachers alike. But if you are just starting out in the profession, or in a new building, there are several things you should know before the bell rings. Sometimes even the most obvious information can be overlooked. Being prepared will help you begin the year on a confident note.

Before you report to class, you should know:

  1. Your school hours, bell times, and when you are expected to report to work
  2. Your classroom and curriculum duties and responsibilities
  3. Any additional duties/responsibilities assigned to you such as bus, hall and lunch duties
  4. The district's and/or school's policies on:
    • Homework
    • Dispensing medication
    • Referrals to special programs E-mail and Internet usage
    • Grading
    • Fire drills and lockdowns
    • Field trips
  5. How to handle a sick day, personal leave day or an emergency for you
  6. Who to contact in case of a classroom or school emergency
  7. When faculty, team or other regular meetings are held
  8. Where and how to get classroom supplies
  9. How to best communicate with parents, telephone, e-mail etc.
  10. What day Open House is scheduled for, and what the policy or procedure is for it.

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