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The Zombie Apocalypse: Using World War Z to Teach Genre, Metaphor, and Creative Writing

Posted by Marygrove MAT on Oct 31, 2014 11:47:37 AM


One of our teacher-buddies shared an awesome zombie lesson plan with us. It was created by Tony Cerullo, and uses Max Brooks’ novel World War Z to help students explore genre, metaphor, and creative writing. Unlike a few of the zombie-themed activities we’ve shared over the past few days, this one is quite a bit more in depth and should take a month to complete. It is recommended for grades 11-12 due to high level literary themes and a fairly substantial work load.

Because this is a substantial project, we figured it would be easier for you to simply download a PDF of the lesson plan and take it with you.

You can download the PDF by clicking here or on the image below.

Zombie_Apocalypse_Lesson_PlanSpooky Story Starters Guide

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STEM of the Living Dead: 4 Zombie-Inspired Lesson Plans

Posted by Marygrove MAT on Jun 11, 2014 10:00:00 AM

STEM-1This morning, I came across a collection of four zombie-themed lesson plans that are perfect for living-dead lovers and STEM teachers.

These lessons, which you’ll find on the PBS website, ask students to compare the “normal” brain to a “zombie” brain. While you could use these lessons as “stand-alones,” each one follows an accompanying plot line where the world is fighting a zombie apocalypse and the best and the brightest young people are being trained as neuroscientists. The hope is that, with the proper training, students will be able to cure the zombie epidemic and save the world.

To browse these four lesson plans, click here.




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Let David Hunter Help You Zombify Your Entire Curriculum

Posted by Marygrove MAT on Sep 27, 2013 9:56:00 AM

zombie based learningWe haven’t heard you say “uncle” yet, so we’re going to dish out one more way for you to zombify your curriculum (you can read two related posts here and here). Allow us to introduce our latest find: Zombie-Based Learning (ZBL), a standards-based, zombie-infused curriculum designed by geography teacher, David Hunter.

Instead of using textbooks, ZBL substitutes graphic novels and hands-on projects to teach student how they might use geography to survive a hypothetical zombie apocalypse. If you’re wary of the legitimacy of ZBL, you might be pleased to know that it meets the 2012 National Geography Standards and actually uses the geographic concepts and same kinds of thinking that real world geographers use.

Here’s how the Zombie-Based Learning Narrative is structured:

Planning for the Outbreak
News of a zombie-like outbreak has reached your community. You are helping to plan in case the outbreak reaches your area.

Post Outbreak Survival
The outbreak has reached your area and chaos has followed. You use your skills to survive and find other survivors.

Finding a Place to Settle

You meet with other survivors; now you are trying to decide upon a safe place. 

Building a Community

With your group of survivors, you make decisions to build a safe and sustainable community.

Planning for the Future

Based on what you know about geography and your knowledge of the past, your community makes long-term plans for survival and rebuilding.

Should you choose to use ZBL in your own classrooms, you won’t be tracking down resources since everything you’ll need, from graphic novels and handouts to rubrics and in-class activities, is on the ZBL site.



Book Talk Review 2 - Trackers by Patrick Carman

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STEM of the Living Dead: 3 zombie-themed lesson plans

Posted by Marygrove MAT on Sep 21, 2013 6:00:00 AM

STEMEarlier this week, we shared a zombie-themed writing activity with you and we’re happy to say that there are more zombies where that came from. This morning we came across STEM Behind Hollywood, a cool new resource put together by Texas Instruments.

Here you’ll find three free, Hollywood-inspired math and science activities that model the transmission of a hypothetical zombie contagion.

These activities encourage students to engage with STEM concepts like the exponential growth of a zombie horde and how the growth turns into a characteristic “s” curve from limited resources as the infection begins to spread. Students will learn or review the basic functions of various parts of the human brain and discuss factors dealing with immunity and vaccines.

Unless you can recreate the activities on your own, you’ll need to download the TI-Nspire trial software; the good news is that it’s compatible with iPads and other Texas Instrument hardware like the TI-Nspire.

If you want to take a look at the lesson plan before going through the effort of downloading the software, click here.


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Common Core Resources to prepare for the zombie apocalypse

Posted by Marygrove MAT on Sep 14, 2013 6:00:00 AM

zombieWe’ve loved zombies ever since we were kids, so imagine our elation when one of our Edmodo buddies, Mrs. Stauffenecker, offered up a bundle of resources she uses to bring zombies into her classroom. Not literally, of course, but should you choose to use her resources, your students will create a local community preparedness plan that will help them survive a zombie apocalypse!

If you are skeptical about the academic merits of this particular unit, rest easy: Everything aligns with Common Core Standards.

Common Core Resources to prepare for the zombie apocalypse

zombie2Before your students create their own preparedness plan, they’re going to need to do a little research. A good place to start is with the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) Zombie Pandemic Preparedness 101 manual. This is written in an easily-digestible comic book format, so you’re students are sure to devour it (pardon the puns).

Next, you might show them Tips for Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse with P. Allen Smith.

zombie presentationTo get your students talking, try using Mrs. Stauffenecker’s Power Point presentation. This asks students to think about the nature of fear and teaches them about the different types of zombies they may encounter. To download the presentation, click here.

zombie3OK, you’ve read the CDC manual, considered P. Allen Smith’s tips for surviving the zombie apocalypse, and had a discussion about the Power Point presentation. Now you’re ready to go over the specifics of the assignment. To download the rubric, click here. 


Good luck and happy zombie apocalypse!



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