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Writefull: A Writing and Vocabulary-Building App for Students

Posted by Marygrove MAT on Oct 21, 2014 12:06:54 PM

vocabulary_buildingWritefull is a “newish” five-dollar app that uses Google Books to provide students feedback on their writing. Here’s how it works:

After downloading the application, highlight any piece of text in in your Word document and choose one of the feedback options on Writefull’s popup menu.

For example, if your students are unsure about their phrasing, or whether or not something they’ve written makes sense, Writefull will scan Google Books and tell them how often their selected text has been used by other writers. If the number is low, chances are that your students still have some work to do. If the number is high, it’s probably good to go.

Writefull is also useful for vocabulary building. Say that your students are writing a descriptive essay, but want to use new words. All they have to do is click and highlight, and Writefull will give them a list of the most frequently used (and contextually sound) synonyms in the text they’ve highlighted.

To learn more about this app, check out the video below.


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